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Agent Marine connects you with professionally operated New Zealand workboats

Agent Marine is a platform and service provider

Our platform of New Zealand workboats enables clients to browse and access suitable workboats on demand. As a service provider we manage the liability, operation, and procurement of related equipment and labor for these vessels on behalf of our clients.

How Agent Marine can help

Tendering for projects

Involve Agent Marine when you have a project in mind or are responding to a tender. We’ll bring transparency to workboat options around New Zealand. We want to help you win more bids by creating detailed and professional proposals.

Matching with workboats

Agent Marine is building New Zealand’s largest workboat platform. Contact us to take a look at available boats. We’ll connect you with the right option to get the job done, whenever and wherever you need it.

Operating workboats

Agent Marine will procure the equipment you need, provide qualified personnel to operate the boat, and assume all legal liability for the boat until the job is done.

Why Agent Marine

A proven team

We have over a decade of experience operating workboats here in New Zealand and overseas. The Agent Marine team can help you get the job done with peak professionalism and competence.

A focus on transparency

Our platform gives you more information on the different workboats and related labor and equipment available. Be confident that you’re getting the best tools for the job.

Competitive prices

Transparency pushes suppliers to compete. As a result, you get to compare against a marketplace and ensure you’re paying a fair price.

Helping regional businesses expand domestically

Enabling overseas companies enter the New Zealand market

Assisting in marine research

Agent Marine's capabilities

A Northland marine biosecurity firm contacts Agent Marine to assist in tendering with a district council South of Auckland. We provide 3 available workboats in the area, enabling the client to bid successfully for the contract.

An overseas film producer contacts Agent Marine to assist in finding and operating vessels at different locations throughout New Zealand. We source suitable vessels at each of their target destinations, handle any vessel-related refit and logistics, and operate the vessels, enabling the client to get the content they need.

An Auckland-based research team contacts Agent Marine to assist in creating a proposal for research in the Fiordlands. We find a suitable and available vessel nearby to minimize travel time to/from the location and estimate the operating costs involved, enabling the client to create an accurate proposal.

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